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Step 5: Got Greenery?

Holiday greenery might be one of the most difficult things to store. If you've ever tried to stuff a pile of garland into a large plastic garbage bag, you've probably wound up with something like this:

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Wreaths are equally as difficult to store. If you have a small wreath, you might be able to fit it into a hat box or boot box for storage. But most wreaths are too large for such boxes, and can pose a real storage problem.

There are wreath storage bags available for purchase in some stores and online. WreathKeeper storage bags, for example, are available in various sizes to accommodate almost any size wreath. These bags are zippered and feature reinforced walls so you can stack one on top of another. While the larger sizes can be expensive, they are a good option, particularly if you've paid quite a bit for your wreaths. They will prevent damage and will probably add years to the lives of your wreaths.

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