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Create A Wrapping Supply Hamper

A Wrapping Supply Hamper like the one shown below is easy and fun to set up, plus it can be a real help around the holidays when you've got tons of gifts to wrap. We’ll show you how to keep everything together and in order with your own Wrapping Supply Hamper.

Wrapping Paper Organizer

First you'll want to buy a tall wicker or plastic laundry hamper. If you choose wicker, it's a good idea to buy one with a lining so that your wrapping paper doesn't get snagged or ripped inside the hamper. Be sure to get a basket with a removable lid.

Next, use hooks or ribbon to attach some baskets or buckets to the outside of the hamper. Fill your hanging containers with all the wrapping essentials like tape, scissors, glue, cards, tissue paper, bows, ribbons, pens, pencils, markers… anything you might need!

Another great idea: A Wrapping Supply Hamper is a unique and creative gift for a young person or couple who’s just moved out on their own, and might need a way to store wrapping supplies or other items.

Wrapping Paper Organizer

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