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Share your knowledge with other customers!
(And save 5% in the process!)

We know that the best and most reliable product information comes from customers who have actually purchased and used our products. We want to know what you have to say, positive or negative! If you've recently purchased a product from us, please review that item so you can share your expert knowledge with other customers.

To thank you for your time and input, we are offering a 5% rebate back on the price you paid for the reviewed product purchased from our company. All you have to do is return to our website after you've purchased your item, go to the product page, and click the Review This Product button:

Write your honest review---good or bad---and then send us an email advising that you've done so. Your review can be anonymous, if you choose, but please be sure to include your name and order number in your email to us. To say thank you, we'll mail you a rebate check for 5% of the price you paid for the reviewed product.

We know no one likes fine print, so we'll keep it brief. Here are the rules and details:

  1. You must have purchased the product from our website.
  2. Please allow enough time for you to actually receive and use the product. If you just ordered it yesterday and you haven't even received it, then don't review it yet! We want legitimate, informative reviews that are helpful to other customers.
  3. Rebates will be issued in the form of a check. You can expect to receive your check within 6 weeks of writing the review.
  4. Rebates will be issued for all reviews, both positive and negative. We want your honest feedback! But reviews do need to be at least one sentence long, please. A one or two word review is not acceptable and will not receive a rebate.
  5. If you've purchased multiple units of the same item, you will receive a 5% rebate for ONE unit of the item reviewed. If you have purchased several different products (different product codes) from us, feel free to review each product. We'll give you 5% off each different product code reviewed.
  6. The 5% rebate will be based on the price you paid for the product at the time of purchase, minus any other applicable discounts you received for that item.