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Ornament Storage

Step 4: Protecting your Christmas Tree Decorations

Good ornaments storage is a small investment that can save you a lot of money in damaged breakables in the long run! Not only are nice Christmas decorations expensive, they are also often times fragile. If your holiday ornament storage box looks like this (see picture below), it's time to come up with a better plan! But not to worry, we've got plenty of good tips and ideas for ornaments storage...

ornament storage

For storage of smaller items, a simple egg carton, or even Styrofoam cups filled with shredded paper can work quite well. Another inexpensive option for larger decorations is an apple case, like the one pictured below. Just talk to someone in the produce department at your local grocery store, and they'll probably give you several of them for free. Apple cases come in several different styles. The ones shown below have trays with indentations for each separate apple. These trays are ideal for holding round, glass ornaments, because you can place one in each indentation of the tray. Some shredded used wrapping paper is great for separating each tray.

ornament storage

Wine or liquor cases also work quite well, particularly if you have long or tall decorations that you need to store (see photo below). Like apple cases, wine and liquor cases are also usually available for free at your local grocery store.

ornament storage

There are some downsides, though, to using cardboard boxes. Cardboard decays with time, and it can draw insects. Cardboard will not keep your ornaments clean; they will get dusty in storage. Also, if you have moisture problems in your basement, cardboard can actually wick up and hold moisture, which can create a problem for some types of decorations. Furthermore, if your basement ever floods, cardboard cartons and their contents will likely be destroyed.

For a better option, consider investing in an OrnamentKeeper. This unique zippered bag has three lightweight trays, each with their own separate 4 inch compartments for fragile items. One OrnamentKeeper bag will hold as many as 48 ornaments! It will keep your fragile decorations clean and safe, and this bag will likely last you a lifetime.

Side Pockets Christmas Ornament Storage Boxes

When storing your decorations, remember to always pack the most fragile items at the top of the box or bin. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is, the more you have to dig for something fragile, the greater the chance you’ll damage it in the process.

If you are someone who has an large collection of expensive decorations, now is the perfect time to take an inventory and have them added to your homeowner's insurance policy. It's a good idea to take a photograph of each item (or to save time, just lay them all out on a big white sheet and snap one picture). Keeping receipts, or at least a record of what you paid for each piece, is also a good ideal. Last but not least, take all the information to your insurance agent, so he or she can add your collection to your homeowner's insurance policy.

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