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Create An Open First Box
Have you ever noticed how there are some things you just need to have first, before you can begin unpacking and putting out all your other holiday items? For example, it's nice to have your Christmas tree stand out and ready before you go to buy your live Christmas tree. For all those things that you need first, it's a good idea to create one box or bin called your "Open First For Christmas" box. Here are a few ideas of what you might put in your "Open First For Christmas" box or bin:
  • Christmas cards and your Christmas card mailing list (This is particularly helpful if you're like me, and you buy your cards right after Christmas while they're on sale and then pack them away in storage for the next year)
  • Cookie cutters, seasonal plates and serving ware, and any other baking implements
  • Wrapping paper and supplies
  • If you purchase a live Christmas tree each year, it's a good idea to have your tree stand(s) and automatic tree waterer(s) ready to go at the beginning of the season

Christmas Tree Stand

Your tree stand should always go in your "Open first for Christmas" box!

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