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Step 8: All That Other Stuff - Candles & Misc. Accessories

Candles are a tricky thing to store. Tall tapers can be fragile, and you don't want them to get broken, chipped or scratched. Also, if you store candles in an un-air conditioned attic, they will likely melt a little bit during the hot summer months. A good way to prevent candles from banging into one another and getting scratched and/or chipped is to wrap them in old socks or pantyhose. Then pack them all tightly into a shoebox or storage bin, and be sure to fill any extra space up with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or used wrapping or tissue paper that's been shredded or crumpled up. Then place the box in a cool basement or dark closet to prevent melting and/or fading.

For other accessories such as centerpieces, the best plan is to keep like items together. If you have a group of small items that you like to arrange together as a centerpiece on your table or mantle, then pack those items together in a plastic storage bag or box. Holiday cookie cutters and other baking accessories should be placed together in one box. If you have a specific extension cord that's just the right length for the garland you hang on your front porch, then pack that extension cord away with the garland. Timers and extra bulbs should be packed away with your holiday lights.

And don't forget to label! If you're using clear plastic storage bins, slip a sheet of paper inside on one end, detailing what is inside that box. Another good idea for labeling is to purchase small plastic name tag holders. Attach one name tag holder to each box or bin, and then slip a name tag into with the box contents written clearly. This way, if you decide to change the contents a particular box next year, it will be quick and easy to change the label as well. It may also be helpful to keep a running list of each box or bin, noting the contents and any special notes, such as whether or not those items are breakable. The Christmas Tree Storage Shop has put together a Home Storage Worksheet that you can print out and use for this purpose. Please feel free to print as many copies as you like.

No matter what you choose to do for holiday storage, be sure you leave some extra room in your storage plan! For example, if you're going to buy a plastic storage bin for holiday decorations, buy one size larger than you need right now so you can accommodate future purchases.

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