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Create a Holiday Organization Notebook

A holiday organization notebook can be one of your most useful tools around the holiday season! This all-in-one notebook is a place for you to keep records and notes about all kinds of things, and you can customize it to meet your needs. Here's how to create your own holiday organization notebook.

Unless you already have these things laying around, you'll probably need to make a trip to your local office supply store to pick up a 3 ring binder (we recommend a binder that's at least 1-1/2" thick, as your notebook will grow with time) and some sheet protectors. If you don't already have one, you might want to pick up a 3-hole punch, as well.

So what do you put in a holiday organization notebook? Here are some ideas to help you get started:
  • Holiday checklist or to-do list (Keep a running list of what's left to do and update it regularly)
  • Your Christmas card mailing list
  • Holiday party invitation list
  • Holiday dinner seating charts
  • Holiday dinner menus and wine pairings that you've enjoyed in past years
  • Gift list (Who you're buying for and what gifts have already been purchased)
  • Holiday budget
  • Calendar of events for the holiday season (A great place to keep track of all those parties and family gatherings!)
  • Photographs of your dinner table, the Christmas tree, holiday centerpieces, or any other special arrangement or decoration you did in past years that you really liked and want to remember for the future
  • Children's and other relatives' Christmas lists
  • Shopping lists (What decorations or supplies you want to be sure you pick up after the holidays when everything is on sale)
  • An inventory list of what decorations you have already (For example, how many strings of multi-colored holiday lights you currently have). To make this easy, print out copies of our complimentary Home Storage Worksheet to keep track of your seasonal storage inventory.
  • Christmas carols your family likes to sing
  • Anything else you find helpful for organizing your holidays!

Your holiday organization notebook is something you’ll want to keep handy all year long. That way you can update addresses throughout the year, make notes about new ideas you think of, jot down recipes you want to try for this year’s holiday party, or just check your inventory list of holiday decorations.

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