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Setting Up A Holiday Organization Center

Many of us have spare bedrooms in our homes, and often times those rooms contain an old dresser or chest of drawers that goes unused, with the exception of a few old, moth-eaten sweaters you've probably forgotten are even there. Clean it out and make good use of it by setting up a holiday organization center!

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Each drawer can be dedicated to storing a different set of items. If you have long drawers, set up one drawer to hold wrapping paper and tissue paper. Another drawer can hold bows and ribbons. For ornaments, purchase an inexpensive sock divider for one drawer. This is the perfect way to keep those ornaments separated from each other so they won't get damaged or broken. Use another drawer for holiday linens such as table cloths, napkins, towels, or throws. Other good items to store include breakable decorations like snow globes, vases, or figurines because they probably won't get disturbed throughout the year in an old dresser or chest of drawers. Breakables should be packed carefully into the drawers using old tissue or wrapping paper. You could also wrap each item in your holiday linens for storage.

Another bright idea: During the holiday season, pull up a chair to your Holiday Organization dresser and you've got yourself a wrapping station!

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