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Step 3: Tangles of Holiday Lights

For an inexpensive way to store holiday lights, find a few cardboard boxes and cut them up to make cardboard squares. Cut a slit in one square to hold the plug, then wrap the lights tightly around the piece of cardboard. Old paper towel tubes can also be used in the same way, by simply cutting a small slit in one end to secure the plug and wrapping the lights around the cardboard tube. The two pictures below illustrate these methods.

Another option is to loop each string of lights loosely, secure one spot with a twist tie or zip tie, then layer them in a box or plastic storage bin, separating each looped string with an old piece of used holiday wrapping paper or tissue paper. Looped strands can also be placed in separate plastic bags and then tossed directly into your box or plastic bin.

When sorting through your strings of lights, be sure to plug in each string and make sure it works. If you have one string that doesn't work and you're unable to find the problem, don't throw the whole string out. Save it and use the bulbs as replacements!

Another great idea to keep your holiday lights in good working order is to create a holiday light repair kit. Get a large zippered bag or small box and fill it with replacement bulbs, extra fuses, etc. Then the next time a bulb burns out, you'll know just where to go to find a new replacement bulb!

When storing holiday lights, remember that colored strands should always be kept in a dark place to prevent fading of the colored bulbs. Specifically, blue, green, and purple colors will fade the fastest.

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