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Multi-Use Christmas Storage Products

For more great information on getting your holiday decorations organized, please visit our Holiday Organization guide, with step by step tutorial on getting your home and holidays organized. The step by step guide is broken down by various categories of holiday decorations (for example, one step for wreaths and garland, another step for holiday lights, another step for artificial trees, etc).

Please be sure to visit our sister website, Home Products 'N' More. Home Products 'N' More offers a variety of unique products for your home and garden, many of which make great holiday gift items! For example, Home Products 'N' More offers a line of covered sandbox kits that make a great gift for your children, or any family with kids. Home Products 'n' More also offers an extensive line of address plaques and house number signs. Did you know that illuminated house numbers on the front of your home can make a real difference in the response time of emergency personnel trying to find your house? Studies have shown that emergency responders can find homes with illuminated house numbers much more quickly and easily than they can homes that do not have lighted signs.

Home Products 'n' More is also pleased to offer new eco-friendly landscaping and garden edging kits that feature plastic timbers made of recycled plastic composite material. They are a far better solution for raised bed gardens than the traditional treated lumber. Treated lumber will eventually rot, warp, crack, splinter, and have to be replaced. Furthermore, treated lumber can also leak harmful chemicals out into your soil that can poison and kill your plants. But recycled plastic timbers like the ones found in our raised bed gardening kits will not!